Heritage Language Development
Edited by Stephen D. Krashen, Lucy Tse and Jeff McQuillan

Most people think that immigrants resist giving up their heritage or family language. Just the opposite is true: Heritage languages are lost rapidly, victims of language shift, a powerful process that favors the language of the new country over the language of the family. The papers in this volume argue that heritage language development, in addition to full development of the language of the country, is an excellent investment, both for the individual and for society. Heritage language development can lead to academic and economic benefits, can be an important part of identity formation, and enables the heritage language speaker to profit from deeper contact with family, community and the country of origin. Other sections discuss parental support for heritage language development, and how heritage languages can be effectively (and easily) fostered.

Published by Language Education Associates * 1998
ISBN 0-9652808-4-5
94pp softcover * 9" x 6"

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